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    31.05.2021 - 30.06.2021
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Who we are

Chopin Piano FEST “Prishtina” is a Festival established for the first time on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of Chopin in 2010 by the Kosovo Chopin Association. Because of its great success and appreciation by the audience in Kosovo, it has become a traditional piano festival which is held in springtime (April) every year.The festival is highly appreciated by critics, fans and the growing audience as an excellent presentation of the mastery of piano, offering interpretations by both world renowned pianists and local talents.

ChopinPiano FEST Prishtina offers opportunity to see and enjoy live piano performances by local and international distinguished pianists performing piano works not only of Chopin, but also of other well known composers, classical and contemporary ones. The attractive program is selected and prepared ( in cooperation with participating artists) by Festival Artistic Director Prof. Lejla Haxhiu-Pula, the first pianist in Kosovo. With her experience and knowledge as the main piano professor at the University of Prishtina since the 70′s she makes sure that our festival programme offer new insights into piano music repertoire by different musicians worldwide.

Chopin Piano FEST Prishtina does usually take place in April with two to three concerts being held within each week . The closing concert is always organized with the cooperation of Kosovo Philharmonics and offers two different piano concertos at the evening. A local Kosovar pianist and an international pianist perform various piano concertos in cooperation with the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra.

The festival offers concerts, master classes with students and symposium/round tables dedicated to the life and work of composers whose anniversaries are marked on the actual year worldwide.

With the adequate support from institutions and businesses that value cultivated arts and see a good opportunity of self-promotion, the ChopinPianoFEST Prishtina will further outshine its success of the past years.




Lejla Haxhiu Pula

Lejla Pula is a distinguished Kosovo pianist. She completed her piano studies at the Academy of Arts of the University of Prishtina in the class of professor Evgenij Koroljov and Ivetta Dimchevska and continued her master studies at the Faculty of Music of the University of Belgrade receiving her master’s degree with distinction in 1986, in the class of the prominent Russian and now French professor and concert pianist Igor Lasko. With her rich concert career, with solo concerts, concerts with orchestra and her performances as a member of the chamber ensemble “Trio Kosova” (1981-1991) and currently as a member of “Balkan Sextet” and “Trio Vivo”, she had successful piano performances in Kosovo as well as abroad. To date, she has performed in  Austria (Vienna, Graz), Croatia (Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Rovinj, Opatija), Germany (Bonn, Bingen, Bernheim), Albania (Tirana), Russia (Moscow), Ukraine (Sevastopol), Serbia (Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis), Macedonia (Skopje, Ohrid, Tetovo), Slovenia (Ljubljana), etc. She has performed regularly with domestic and international musicians at the Kosovo Chamber Music Festivals “Kammerfest”,” Chopin PianoFest”, “ReMusica” etc. She played with Kosovo Philharmony Orchestra in 2003, Triple Concerto by L. Van Beethoven. In 2007 she performed again with the Kosovo Philharmonic Orchestra on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the European Union, playing the 4th piano Concerto of L. Van Beethoven. In April 2012, in the closing ceremony of the Chopin PianoFEST, she played A. Skrjabin Piano Concerto Op. 20 fis –mol. In September 2015, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Kosovo Philharmony, she played the 2nd Piano Concerto from S. Rachmaninoff as a soloist. She played as a soloist with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra in 1986 and the Bulgarian Chamber Orchestra in 2006.

Lejla Pula pursued an academic career since 1981 at the Academy of Arts of the University of Prishtina where she has been teaching piano, as the main subject for 34 years. At the beginning of her academic career, she was an assistant professor to internationally distinguished piano professors such as I.Lasko, A.Waldma, I.Dimchevska, L.Shuica, N.Kecman. Since 1988 she is an ordinary professor at the Faculty of Arts.

Her academic career is complemented with the mentoring and teaching of an entire generation of successful Kosovar pianists, who have studied and graduated under her supervision. With her artistic commitment and continuous engagement in discovering and developing piano talents, Lejla Pula has given a distinct contribution to the Kosovo pianistic milieu.


Besa Luzha

Besa Luzha completed her undergraduate studies on piano at the Faculty of Arts, University of Prishtina in the class of Prof. Lejla Pula as well as Economics and Finance at the Faculty of Economics, University of Prishtina. She completed her postgraduate studies on Music Education at the University of Prishtina in 2005, and doctoral studies at the University of London - Institute of Education in 2015.

She is a Prof. Assoc. For music teaching and research methodology at the UP and head of the group of experts for curriculum development in the area of artistic education. Parallel to her teaching, she is a distinguished successful event organizer in the field of classical music.

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Alberta Troni

Alberta Troni is a pianist from Kosovo. She began piano lessons at the age of six and her progress was accelerated by studies in piano.

Alberta completed her basic and master studies in piano at the Faculty of Arts – Music Department, in the class of Prof. Lejla Pula, at the University of Pristina, Kosovo. Since year 1998 she began her academic career firstly as the assistant at the piano class and later became Professor at the Faculty of Arts, Music Department, at the University of Pristina “Hasan Prishtina”.

An active piano recitalist, her performance is typically characterized by its expressive quality. She is known as a distinguished musician since her early phase with several participations in various concerts in the Former Yugoslavia.

A first prize winner at the Student Competition which took place in Smederevo, Serbia year 1988, Alberta has also participated at the International Competition “Nikolai Rubinstein” in Paris, France in year 1997, and received the award with the third prize in the “Superior” category.

Besides being solo performer, she has also been engaged in ensembles in the concerts in Former Yugoslavia, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Austria, Croatia, Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Israel and USA.

She has also debuted her performance with Kosovo Philharmonic performing concerts for Piano and Orchestra by W.A.Mozart and M.Ravel with the conductor Le Fi Fi and Toshio Yanagaisawa.

She specialized in Accademia Muzicale Chigiana -  Siena Italy, Tel Hai Internationale Piano Master Classes – Tel Aviv Israel, Academie Internationaled’Ete – Nice France, Wiener Musik Seminar and has worked with prominent artists and Professors like JoaqinAchucarro, Alexander Korsantiya, Jose Ribera, Jean – Francois Heisser, Eric Le Sage, Miachel Hruby.

Over the past few years she was the leader of the piano program, Vice-dean of the Music Department at the Faculty of Arts and from 2015 she is the board member of the University of Pristina.

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Lejla Pula

Besa Luzha

Alberta Troni

LIburn Jupolli

Zana Badivuku - Basha

Rinor Aliu

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