Marjana Lekaj

Mariana Leka, Soprano
He graduated in Canto at the Academy of Arts in Tirana.
In 1989 she was appointed First Soloist at the Opera and Ballet Theater.
Her repertoire includes important roles from the operas of great authors of world operatic literature such as:
G.Verdi, G.Bizet, W.A.Mozart, G.Rossini, F.J.Hayden, V.Bellini, G.Puccini, G.Donizetti, C.Gounod, A.Vivaldi, G.BPergolesi etc ..
It has been awarded many national and international awards:
-First prize in the international competition of the Italian Opera Stuttgart, Germany 1996
-Catimi Katia Ricciarelli, Mantova, Italy 1992
-First Award “Marie Kraja” Tirana 1999
-Culti Tirana Award 2005.
He has also performed in many shows and concerts outside Albania such as:
Italy, Germany, Austria, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Greece, Kosovo, Montenegro, Bulgaria.
She is currently a Lecturer in Canto at the University of Arts in Tirana.